What we stand for?

The developers' vision includes 350 residences, a 50-bed hotel, 6-storey apartment blocks 27 meters high, twice as high as the district plan allows and a 140 bed retirement home. A small village green is also included in the design along with a café, but there’s little public parking and what is being provided will be time limited. The high density housing will mean minimal space for outsiders to feel welcome.

The current infrastructure at Shelly Bay is not adequate for the development, and 10 million dollars of the cost to upgrade water, sewerage, storm water, gas and power, is a cost that will be met by ratepayers. The seawalls and the pathways along the 2.5km road from the Miramar cutting to and including Shelly Bay have not yet been costed therefore this sits outside of this contribution along with the removal of the wharfs, the cost of these has not been accurately quantified by the developer and or the Wellington City Council, and these will be additional ongoing costs to the rate payer.

The Wellington ratepayers will still be paying for this development long after the developer has gone. Construction will take up to 13 years. So this means 13 years of construction traffic that travels the 2.5km between Miramar Ave and Shelly Bay. It has been estimated the traffic will increase from the current 1,200 vehicle movements a day to 4,700 vehicle movements a day, cyclists will have to share the narrow 6 metre road width with construction trucks on a road which is a recreation destination for all Wellingtonians and arguably a jewel in the crown.

There will be a 1.5 metre footpath the length of Shelly Bay Road, but there will be minimal to no parking along the bays that stretch between Miramar Wharf and Shelly Bay – so those pubic who use the bays for swimming, picnicking or fishing you will have to walk.

"The proposed development will completely change the natural character of the area."

The Shelly Bay development is stage one of a larger plan to build private dwellings around the Mt Crawford prison further up the hill, there is already a proposal to build more than 300 apartments, townhouses and luxury homes on the reserve at Watts Peninsula.

The proposed developments will completely change the natural character of the area. Wellingtonians stand to lose a public recreation space, which is currently accessible to all.

Areas like Shelly Bay should remain a recreational space for all future generations, and agreed It needs some development to stop further deterioration, but this huge housing complex is not right and appropriate for this space.

  • Cyclists and pedestrians will have to contend with construction vehicles during the 13 year construction period and an estimated 4700 extra vehicle movements a day after completion..
  • Blue Penguins will also need to contend with heavy and high volume traffic.
  • Fishermen, and their families will have to walk some distance to their favourite fishing spot.
  • For those Wellingtonians who wish to picnic on the open green space, car parking will be at a premium, car parking at Shelly Bay will be time limited.
  • Heavy traffic over the 13 year period of construction will limit access to Shelly and surrounding Bays.
  • Shelly Bay is a bay on the Miramar Peninsula of Wellington, New Zealand. The New Zealand Defence Force owned the land on Shelly Bay for 124 years until 2009.